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Birthdate:Aug 26
I'm 19, I love music & photography. My mom and brother are the two most important people in my life. I swear too much, but I'm working on it, I can be really hyper at times and sometimes I tend to complain too much. I have a huge obsession with Panic at the disco (but you probably figured that out already) I can be really mean if I want too. I don't eat meat, I love animals. I have a shopping obsession. I love going to concerts (who doesn't?) and I love my camera (Nikon D40.)
Please do not add me to get your ~friend count up~ That's lame.

Things I Love♥
Music, My favorite bands are Blink-182, Panic at the disco, Paramore & Cobra starship. Other bands I listen to are; +44, The academy is..., Angels and airwaves, Boxcar racer, Gym class heroes & Greenday, etc. I also do have a love for some 80's music including Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane & AC/DC, etc.

I love shopping, Hanging out & Reading slash, Watching movies My favorites are Juno, The Blink-182/Taking back sunday & Panic at the disco band DVD's, Mean girls, Classic!Disney movies, Finding nemo, etc. My favorite TV shows are Grey's anatomy, Desperate housewives, Friends, CSI:Miami, What not to wear and Style by jury. I also like coloring too, yeah I'm still a kid at heart and I may act immature at times but I do know when to be serious.

My favorite pairings to read in fics: Brendon/Ryan, Brendon/Jon, Brendon/Shane, GSF, Ryan/Jon, Jon/Spencer, Gabe/William, William/Brendon, William/Ryan, Jon/Cassie, Spencer/Haley. Threesomes are pretty friggen awesome to read too, esp with the girlfriends involved. I hate when Old girlfriends are brought up in fics IE: Audrey & Jac. I do not like them, never did and never will. I don't care if you don't like it, if you don't then leave :)

Things I Don't Love.
~People in general (But that doesn't mean I won't give you a chance, I will)
~Bad/Slow/Mean drivers
~When my computer is slow/Isn't cooperating with me
~Scene queens + internet stars like Jeffree star LAME LAME LAME, get a fucking life.
~When people try to get me to do something I don't agree with
~The brand "Baby phat"/Any *high end name brands* that want you to spend an arm and a leg for their stupid shit

~ I don't have a lot of patience so chances are you will annoy me eventually, especially if you do the following; I don't like people who type LyKe ThIs, it's stupid stop it. I hate people who type IN CAPS ALL THE TIME, it is also annoying. I don't like when people are always like "OMGZ GUESS WHAT LOLOL!" That is also annoying and I also do NOT like it when people are like "how r u?" please type the whole word, it is not that hard, thank you very much.

If you type/do any of that please forget talking to me, you will annoy the living shit out of me and I will block you.

Interests (121):

+44, ac/dc, adam lazarra, adam t. siska, alex suarez, andy mrotek, angels and airwaves, ap magazine, ashley greene, atticus, bden, bella swan, billy burke, billy idol, blink-182, boxcar racer, breaking dawn, brendon urie, brendon urie's ass, brendon urie's hips, brendon urie's lips, bryan adams, cam gigandet, cameras, carlisle cullen, cats, charlie swan, city lights, cobra starship, coloring, computers, concerts, csi:miami, desperate housewives, dogs, dvds, eclipse, eddie reyes, edi gathegi, edward cullen, elizabeth reaser, emmett cullen, esme cullen, famous stars and straps, fred mascherino, friends, gabe saporta, gossip girl, graphics, greenday, greys anatomy, guitar hero 3, guy ripley, gym class heroes, hayley williams, icons, isabella swan, jackson rathbone, jacob black, james, jasper hale, jon walker, joncer, jwalk, kellan lutz, kristen stewart, laurent, mac makeup, mark hoppus, matt rubano, michael guy chislett, mike carden, monkeys, movies, music, nate novarro, new moon, nikki reed, origami, painting, panic at the disco, paper stars, paramore, peter facinelli, photofiltre, photography, photoshop cs3, polaroids, rachelle lefevre, reading, robert pattinson, rosalie hale, ryan ross, ryden, ryland blackinton, ryro, shane valdez, shopping, sisky, slash, slashatthedisco, spencer smith, spencer smith's hips, spin, starbucks, summer, taking back sunday, taylor lautner, the academy is..., the butcher, tom cochrane, tom delonge, travis barker, twilight, twloha, vampires, vicky-t, victoria, victoria asher, william beckett, zack hall
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